Version 0.6.0

Version 0.6.0
Release date:2018-06-05
Next release:Version 0.7.0
Previous release:Version 0.5.0


  • Syntax DT[i, j, by] is now supported.

  • fread() will detect a feather file and issue an appropriate error message.

  • When fread() extracts data from archives into memory, it will now display the size of the extracted data in verbose mode.

  • Multiple reduction operators can now be performed at once.

  • In groupby, reduction columns can now be combined with regular or computed columns.

  • During grouping, group keys are now added automatically to the select list.

  • Implemented sum() reducer.

  • The equality operator == now works for string columns too.

  • Improved performance of groupby operations.

  • fread() will no longer emit an error if there is an NA string in the header.

  • If the input contains excessively long lines, fread() will no longer waste time printing a sample of first 5 lines in verbose mode.

  • Fixed wrong calculation of mean / standard deviation of line length in fread() if the sample contained broken lines.

  • Frame view will no longer get stuck in a Jupyter notebook.


This release was created with the help of 3 people who contributed code and documentation, and 3 more people who submitted bug reports and feature requests.

Code & documentation contributors:

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