Version 0.2.1

Version 0.2.1
Release date:2017-09-11
Next release:Version 0.2.2


  • Created the CHANGELOG file.

  • sys.getsizeof(DT) can now be used to query the size of the datatable in memory.

  • Added a framework for computing and storing per-column summary statistics.

  • Implemented statistics min, max, mean, stdev, countna for numeric and boolean columns.

  • Getter df.internal.rowindex allows access to the RowIndex on the DataTable (for inspection/reuse).

  • In addition to LLVM4 environmental variable, datatable will now also look for the llvm4 folder within the package’s directory.

  • If d0 is a DataTable, then d1 = DataTable(d0) will create its shallow copy.

  • Environmental variable DTNOOPENMP will cause the datatable to be built without OpenMP support.

  • Filter function when applied to a view DataTable now produces correct result.