Perform integer division of two FExprs, i.e. x // y.

The modulus and integer division together satisfy the identity that x == (x // y) * y + (x % y) for all non-zero values of y.

If x or y are multi-column expressions, then they must have the same number of columns, and the // operator will be applied to each corresponding pair of columns. If either x or y are single-column while the other is multi-column, then the single-column expression will be repeated to the same number of columns as its opponent.

The integer division operation can only be applied to integer columns. The resulting column will have stype equal to the largest of the stypes of both columns, but at least int32.



The arguments must be either FExprs, or expressions that can be converted into FExprs.


An expression that evaluates x // y.

See also

  • x / y – regular division operator.