Added in version 0.11

The name of the file where this frame was loaded from.

This is a read-only property that describes the origin of the frame. When a frame is loaded from a Jay or CSV file, this property will contain the name of that file. Similarly, if the frame was opened from a URL or a from a shell command, the source will report the original URL / the command.

Certain sources may be converted into a Frame only partially, in such case the source property will attempt to reflect this fact. For example, when opening a multi-file zip archive, the source will contain the name of the file within the archive. Similarly, when opening an XLS file with several worksheets, the source property will contain the name of the XLS file, the name of the worksheet, and possibly even the range of cells that were read.


str | None

If the frame was loaded from a file or similar resource, the name of that file is returned. If the frame was computed, or its data modified, the property will return None.