Added in version 1.0.0

Type of data stored in a single column of a Frame.

The type describes both the logical meaning of the data (i.e. an integer, a floating point number, a string, etc.), as well as storage requirement of that data (the number of bits per element). Some types may carry additional properties, such as a timezone or precision.


This property replaces previous dt.stype and dt.ltype.


The following types are currently available:



Is this an array type?


Is this a boolean type?


Is this a compound type?


Is this a categorical type?


Is this a float type?


Is this an integer type?


Is this a numeric type?


Is this an object type?


Is this a string type?


Is this a temporal type?


Is this the void type?


The maximum value for this type


The minimum value for this type


The name of this type