Version 0.10.1

Version 0.10.1
Release date:2019-12-23
Next release:Version 0.11.0
Previous release:Version 0.10.0
Linux x86-64python-3.5


  • A Python list of integers containing only 0s and 1s will now produce an int8 column instead of bool8. In order to create a boolean column supply a list of Trues and Falses, or force the boolean stype with the constructor parameter stype=bool:

    assert dt.Frame([False, True]) == dt.bool8 assert dt.Frame([0, 1]).stype == dt.int8 assert dt.Frame([0, 1], stype=bool).stype == dt.bool8 assert dt.Frame([0, 1, 2]).stype == dt.int32
  • A list of frames now displays properly in Jupyter Lab. #2222

  • Mixing reduce and map operations should no longer produce error “Unable to create a nested thread team”. #2242

  • Fix rare deadlock when creating a Frame from a python list. The deadlock occurred only on ppc64le and datatable compiled with gcc version 4.8 or earlier. #2250

  • Fixed an error when a frame with a computed boolean column was saved into a CSV file. #2253


  • Properties dt.bool8.min and dt.bool8.max are now equal to False and True respectively, instead of integers 0 and 1. #2231

  • fread() is now able to read Jay files even if the file doesn’t have the .jay extension.

FTRL model

  • Fix feature importance normalization to [0, 1] in FTRL. #2224

  • Resetting an untrained FTRL model now doesn’t result in a segfault. #2226

  • The “id” column in FTRL model’s frame .labels now has stype int32 instead of bool8 for binomial and regression models.


This release was created with the help of 3 people who contributed code and documentation, and 4 more people who submitted bug reports and feature requests.

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