This is a python struct that contains information about the installed datatable module. The following fields are available:


The version string of the current build. Several formats of the version string are possible:

  • {MAJOR}.{MINOR}.{MICRO} – the release version string, such as "0.11.0".

  • {RELEASE}a{DEVNUM} – version string for the development build of datatable, where {RELEASE} is the normal release string and {DEVNUM} is an integer that is incremented with each build. For example: "0.11.0a1776".

  • {RELEASE}a0+{SUFFIX} – version string for a PR build of datatable, where the {SUFFIX} is formed from the PR number and the build sequence number. For example, "0.11.0a0+pr2602.13".

  • {RELEASE}a0+{FLAVOR}.{TIMESTAMP}.{USER} – version string used for local builds. This contains the “flavor” of the build, such as normal build, or debug, or coverage, etc; the unix timestamp of the build; and lastly the system user name of the user who made the build.


UTC timestamp (date + time) of the build.


Git-hash of the revision from which the build was made, as obtained from git rev-parse HEAD.


Name of the git branch from where the build was made. This will be obtained from environment variable CHANGE_BRANCH if defined, or from command git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD otherwise.

Added in version 0.11

Timestamp of the git commit from which the build was made.

Added in version 0.11

If the source tree contains any uncommitted changes (compared to the checked out git revision), then the summary of these changes will be in this field, as reported by git diff HEAD --stat --no-color. Otherwise, this field is an empty string.