The type of a column with string data.

Internally, this column stores data using 2 buffers: a character buffer, where all values in the column are stored together as a single large concatenated string in UTF8 encoding, and an int32 array of offsets into the character buffer. Consequently, this type can only store up to 2Gb of total character data per column.

Whenever any operation on a string column exceeds the 2Gb limit, this type will be silently replaced with dt.Type.str64.

A virtual column that produces string data may have either str32 or str64 type regardless of how it stores its data.

This column converts to str type in Python, pa.string() in pyarrow, and dtype('object') in numpy and pandas.


DT = dt.Frame({"to persist": ["one teaspoon", "at a time,", "the rain turns", "mountains", "into valleys"]}) DT
to persist
0one teaspoon
1at a time,
2the rain turns
4into valleys