Version 0.3.2

Version 0.3.2
Release date:2018-04-25
Next release:Version 0.4.0
Previous release:Version 0.3.1


  • Implemented sorting for str64 columns.

  • Frame.write_csv() can now write columns of type str64.

  • fread() can now accept a list of files to read, or a glob pattern.

  • Added dt.lib.core.has_omp_support() to check whether datatable was built with OMP support or not.

  • Save per-column min/max information in the NFF format.

  • Fix the source distribution (sdist) by including all the files that are required for building from source.

  • Install no longer fails with llvmlite==0.23.0 package.

  • Fixed a stall in fread when using single-threaded mode with fill=True.


This release was created with the help of 4 people who contributed code and documentation, and 2 more people who submitted bug reports and feature requests.

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