This page lists all people who have contributed to the development of datatable. We take into account both code and documentation contributions, as well as contributions in the form of bug reports and feature requests.

More specifically, a code contribution is considered any PR (pull request) that was merged into the codebase. The “complexity” of the PR is not taken into account as it is highly subjective. Next, an issue contribution is any closed issue except for those that are tagged as “question”, “wont-fix” or “cannot-reproduce”. Issues are attributed according to their closing date, not their creation date.

In the table, the contributors are sorted according to their total contribution score, which is the weighted sum of the count of each user’s code and issue contributions. Code contributions have more weight than issue contributions, and more recent contributions more weight than the older ones.

Pasha Stetsenko
Oleksiy Kononenko
Michal Malohlava
Nishant Kalonia
Michal Raška
Samuel Oranyeli
Arno Candel
Anmol Bal
Jan Gorecki
Pradeep Krishnamurthy
Jonathan McKinney
Siddhesh Poyarekar
Viktor Demin
Bryce Boe
Liu Chi
Juliano Faccioni
Wes Morgan
Angela Bartz
Achraf Merzouki
Bijan Pourhamzeh
Michael Frasco
Mallesham Yamulla
Junghoo Cho
Corey Levinson
Tom Kraljevic
Jan Gamec
Suman Khanal
Navdeep Gill
Ben Gorman
Stephen Boesch
Patrick Rice
Jose Luis Avilez
Yu Zhu
Hawk Berry
Olivier Grellier
Michael Moroz
Ashrith Barthur
Lucas Jamar
Suren Mohanathas
Toby Dylan Hocking
Timothy Salazar
Megan Kurka
Andy Troiano
Martin Dvorak
Igor Šušić
Koray AL
Nick Kim
Zmnako Awrahman
Andres Torrubia
Matt Dancho
Mateusz Dymczyk
Mathias Müller
Joseph Granados
Qiang Kou (KK)
Achille M.
Govind Mohan
Hemen Kapadia
Leland Wilkinson
Sri Ambati
Mark Chan

Developer’s note: This table is auto-generated based on contributor lists in each of the version files, specified via the ..contributors:: directive. In turn, the list of contributors for each version has to be generated via the script ci/ at the time of each release. The issues/PRs will be filtered according to their milestone. Thus, the issues/PRs that are not tagged with any milestone will not be taken into account.